Welcome to Kevinís Homepage!

This is my ďbrandedĒ page.


If you are interested in seeing anything I have for sale on eBay go here:



If you are interested in my solar system I am installing Iíll have a page for that real soon.For now here is a picture of my south-facing roof (Iím going to remove my homemade above-ground pool heater panel and relocate it after the PV panel install).

Here is the link to my Florida Solar Energy Center approval http://www.fsec.ucf.edu/en/certification-testing/PVsystems/certified_systems/manufacturer_detail.php?mid=289

Most building Permitting requires FSEC certification and I am now one (1) out of about 120 certified systems in the start of Florida!




Here is a picture of me in the Payload Change-out room at Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad A at STS-124 airlock (inside the payload bay of Discovery.